How to Extend Electrical Outlets over Tile Learn how to extend an electrical outlet over tile as Handyman Expert Rick E Patterson gives these home maintenance and repair tips and solutions.

Don’t have to be a construction electrical genius for this home improvement outlet box installation!

Got a home repair interest?

With these basic wiring home improvement tips, you can do this repair project in a matter of minutes!

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Before & After Interior Redesign-No Cost Decorating

This living room suffered from the “doctors waiting room” effect. That is where all of the furniture is pressed up against the walls. In this interior redesign makeover Kim Smart of Smart Interiors uses the homeowners existing furnishings and accessories and gives the homeowners a fresh new look without spending a dime!

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Video Production by Nick Wetta

QuickBooks Pro 2015 Tutorial: Setting Up the Chart of Accounts – Part 1

Get the full 8-hour course on QuickBooks Pro 2015 here:

In this QuickBooks Pro 2015 training video tutorial, learn how to setup the chart of accounts for your small business using QuickBooks Pro 2015.

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Interior Decorating – Backyard Ideas… from Drab to FAB!
Interior design, Decorating ideas, Backyard Ideas, Interior Designer Rebecca Robeson and her kids, Sharrah and Scott, take on the backyard over at Robeson ranch! Using the most simple things like blooming flowers, pillows and colorful umbrellas Rebecca takes her backyard from drab to fab!

Watch the earlier video where Rebecca does a full makeover on her backyard by adding outdoor furniture, increasing her overall space by adding more concrete and including space heaters and an outdoor fire pit.

Spring is here so it’s time to pull back the outdoor furniture covers, dust off the tables and bring in new color and new life with some beautiful botanicals. But watch out for the spiders..!


This channel focuses on the life of Interior Designer Rebecca Robeson and the fabulous team of designers and support staff that make up this successful Southern California Design Firm.
Videos include: Day to day office antics surrounding the team as they create some of the worlds most fabulous homes. You will see Shopping for furniture, Sofas, room layouts, Sketch up, Small spaces, Contests, Tiny space decorating, Kitchen decorating, Kitchen cabinets, HOUZZ, Area rugs, Wood flooring, cool faucets, built ins, TV cabinets, accessorizing, Window Treatments, furniture placement, countertops, fireplaces, lighting, modern design ideas, modern homes, family homes and beautiful homes.

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Editing by Dorian Tucker

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Car Repair DIY Volkswagen MKIV Antenna Removal Repair Repair Tutorials

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Car Repair DIY Volkswagen MKIV Antenna Removal … diy car repair, car repair service, car repair calculator car repair advice, car repair workshop, car repair guide, car repair garage, auto car repair, car DIY: Volkswagen MKIV Antenna Removal Repair – … to remove the radio antenna from a Volkswagen Golf radio antenna from a Volkswagen Golf MK4 and repair on a budget. As for removing the antenna DIY: Volkswagen MKIV Antenna Removal Repair | V W … DIY: Volkswagen MKIV Antenna Removal Repair. DIY tutorial. I have this problem reception on my recently purchased 2003 VW Jetta GLS. So all you do to fix DIY: MKIV Antenna Removal Repair – VW Forum How to remove and fix your antenna on a Volkswagen Forum Volkswagen Models MK4 DIY: MKIV Antenna Removal Repair DIY: Volkswagen MKIV Antenna Removal DIY: Antenna Base Replacement (MKIV) Do It Yourself; DIY: Antenna Base Replacement DIY: Antenna Base Replacement (MKIV) remove it from the car by pulling straight – *** The MKIV How-To, FAQ, and Do-It Welcome to the MKIV Do-It-Yourself, How-To and this model trailer hitch in your Volkswagen Jetta. The car pictured repair How to fix a likely Auto Repair Tips and DIY Projects – The Family Handyman Be your own mechanic and keep your cars running smooth with these repairs and routine maintenance projects and tips Car Window Repair; DIY Car Do it yourself.Ignition switch and lock cylinder removal and repair on VW DIY ignition switch and lock cylinder removal and repair on VW and Audi This article shows how to repair and replace the lock cylinder and ignition switch on a VW
Video Credit:

Interior Design Ideas – How to Decorate a Beautiful Home

INSTAGRAM: robesondesignteam Interior Design, Interior Designer Rebecca Robeson introduces you to a shortened version of one of her most popular Interior Design reveal videos. Condensed from 40 minutes down to 7, This popular series originally made up of 2 videos revealing a project completed in Southern California, is sure to be a favorite for many.
Rebecca walks you through the 6,000 sq ft home and points out some of her favorite rooms in this home. The Living room, Dining Room, Kitchen, Master Bedroom, Interior courtyard, the 5 year olds girls room and 12 year old boys room.

High end luxury home, coastal living, beautiful home, high ceilings, beautiful lighting, granite countertops, luxury bedding, gorgeous plumbing fixtures, window treatments, hanging bubble chair, masculine boys room, colorful fabrics, cool hip lighting, wainscot, crown and base molding, grey and white decor, bathroom design, kitchen design ideas, built-in’s, hardwood flooring, area rugs, outdoor spaces, interior courtyard and beautiful staircase.

Last week: Sharrahs Tiny apartment

Interior Design Ideas, Interior Designs, Home Design Ideas, Bedroom Interior, Commercial Interior, Home Decorating, Home Interior, Designs, Shop Interior Design, Villa Interior Design, Bathroom Interior, Residence Interiors, Livingroom Interior, Modern Interior, Diningroom Interior,
Kitchen Interior, Bedroom Furniture Set, Dining Room Furniture Set,
Season 2 of Driven to Design is bursting with great Design projects working on beautiful homes. 2014 projects include an underground bunker, Desert Rose Inn and cabins in Utah, a custom home on the bay in Coronado, a man cave in Carlsbad California, the most luxurious Roof Top terrace in LaJolla…
There will even be some surprise YouTube Celebrity Collaborations with KittiesMaMa and other loved YouTubers as well …So, come back each Monday, for more exciting adventures with the team at Robeson Design and of course, more family and office antics!
Stay tuned for the upcoming episode of Rebeccas shopping trip with the YouTube fans contest winners as they select ,000 of free furniture while shopping with Rebecca.
Interior Design, Apartment decorating, Paint colors, Selecting Paint colors, Interior Decorating luxury homes, Big houses, expensive homes, IKEA, Game rooms, Living rooms, Kitchen designs, Bedroom design ideas, Room Tour, Kids rooms, decorating ideas, home remodels. Paint color section, Apartment Decorating, IKEA, Guys apartments, Decorating for guys rooms, Small spaces, tiny home, tiny apartment, budget decorating, High Point Market, Interior Design profession, Trend setting.

To watch the full length videos for more details on EVERY room, click here:
Walk through of first floor BEFORE the install:

Walk through of second floor BEFORE the install:

Walk through of first floor AFTER the install:

Walk through of second floor AFTER the install:

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Small spaces, Tiny space decorating, Kitchen decorating, Kitchen cabinets, HOUZZ, Area rugs, Wood flooring, cool faucets, built ins, TV cabinets, accessorizing, Window Treatments, furniture placement, countertops, fireplace, lighting, modern design ideas, modern home, family home, beautiful homes,
Tiny spaces, decorating a small bedroom, Decorating, Interior Design, Interior Decorating, Interior Decorating on a budget, remodeling ideas for the home, decorating ideas, interior design ideas, living room, family room, Home, Home remodeling, decorating your home on a budget, decorations for the home, DIY projects, IKEA, Decorating ideas using IKEA, IKEA commercials, Apartment decorating ideas, Apartment decorating, small apartment, tiny apartment, How To decorate, Home DIY Projects, best decorating ideas, beautiful homes, luxury homes, Expensive Homes,

Riptide – Vance Joy – Super Easy Beginner Ukulele Tutorial – How to play Ukulele for Beginners

Easy Version (1:30) Recording Version (5:23) Learn ukulele for free at or you can help support us grow at Alright, this is a great first song for anyone who just bought their Ukulele, so we are going to do two versions. A super easy beginner version that could be your first song. It has only three for the majority of the song with a super easy fourth chord in the bridge. The strum pattern is really basic and even if you have never played Ukulele in your life you should be able to pick this song up with little or no difficulty. The easy version is in the key of C and the song is really in the key of C#, so what does that mean for you the learner? Well, we taught two different versions of this jam, and the C# is all barre chords making it much harder (if you have problems with barre chords go to and under ukulele technique check out the barre chord section) to play, especially if you have never made barre chords. So you can do a couple of things, experienced players can skip right to the recording version, beginners can just do the easy version, or pre-intermidiate can do the easy version get it down and than progress to the more difficult version.

NOT THE ENTIRE SONG – some examples to change the chords to the lyrics.

Am G C (x2)

Am G C
I was scared of dentists and the dark,
Am G C
I was scared of pretty girls and starting conversations,
Am G C
Oh all my friends are turning green,
Am G C
You’re the magicians assistant in their dreams.

Am G C
Ooh, ooh ooh
Am G C (hold)
Ooh, and they come unstuck

Am G C
Lady, running down to the riptide,
C Am
taken away to the dark side,
I wanna be your left hand man.
Am G C
I love you when you’re singing that song and,
C Am
I got a lump in my throat ’cause
you’re gonna sing the words wrong

Am G C
There’s this movie that I think you’ll like,
Am G C
this guy decides to quit his job and heads to New York City,
Am G C
this cowboy’s running from himself.
Am G C
And she’s been living on the highest shelf

Am G C
Ooh, ooh ooh
Am G C (hold)
Ooh, and they come unstuck

If you want to take the next step in your Ukulele playing with us all you have to do is subscribe and learn, that is it. No catches, no gimmicks, no whistles, no emails, just subscribe and learn. You will be rocking in no time, with songs for your Ukulele from absolute beginner this is my first song super easy ukulele tutorials to more advanced ukulele tutorials, even some Jimi Hendrix in there! We do our best to listen to you and try to make the songs that you want to learn so you can rock them out and play them for your friends and have a good time with the Ukulele. We also have Ukulele technique tutorials, Ukulele Blues tutorials, Ukulele Jazz tutorials, Ukulele Chord tutorials and everything you need plus the most in depth and patient Ukulele Teacher on the internet. We also have other dreams and other ideas, so become a Patreon at and help support the spread of music, ukulele, guitar and love around the world, too!

Interior Design – Smart Small Space Decorating Ideas

Step inside HGTV designer Alexandra Hutchison’s 640-square-foot main floor, which includes her living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. Get her decorating tips for creating a cohesive look from one room to another, adding unexpected pops of colour and designing practical built-in storage.

In this video you’ll see before and after shots of her home renovation. In the entryway, Alexandra used bold blue paint to add interest to the space, and applied the same blue paint to the living room ceiling for drama. Using a vintage mid-century modern teak chest in the living room provides ample storage. The warm wood tones continue in the kitchen where teak-look cabinets and wood-panelled walls around the dining area create a sense of luxury. Alexandra created a restaurant-like dining nook with a velvet-upholstered kitchen banquette that doubles as storage. Over in the small principal bedroom, neutral-toned grasscloth wallpaper with a hint of gold creates a cosy vibe. Re-arranging the bathroom layout made the space practical, and it now features porcelain wall tiles and herringbone marble floor tiles.

Plumbing How To Change Out A Toilet Tank Inside Parts Part 1of Part 2 Plumbing How To Change Out A Toilet Tank Inside Parts Part 1 of 2. Discover this simple easy step by step method in Plumbing How To Change Out A Toilet Tank Inside Parts Part 1of 2 how to video. Watch Plumbing How To Change Out A Toilet Tank Inside Parts as veteran handyman expert Rick E Patterson from demonstrates how to replace a toilet tank inside parts.

Looking for affordable reliable handyman services in the Metro Atlanta Georgia?
Call now 404-771-8804 or visit us at
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Interior Designer has just 5 days to decorate a home in Virginia

Interior design and Home Decorating with Interior Designer Rebecca Robeson as through the eyes of an Interior Decorator. Decorating in 5 days by Interior Designer Rebecca Robeson who joins a YouTube Subscriber in Virginia for … well… Makeover Mondays… on steroids!
People often ask if Rebecca is available to do her design magic in other places besides Southern California… The answer is YES! In this video, a YouTube subscriber and fan of Robeson Design, sends Rebecca a plane ticket and hires her to fly out to Northern Virginia for 5 days …. just enough time to pull off a minor miracle leaving the Sudi with a list of things to do to complete the transformation. Its fun, Its entertaining and it’s exciting to see what can be done with Rebeccas eye for design and her drive and determination to get it done in 5 days! Join us for this the first of 2 videos on Rebeccas trip to Virginia!

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All travel and accommodations are paid for by the homeowner.
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